March 13, 2014

Heart to heart.

They say that Love is blind.

Because the heart does not see what colour skin you have.

It knows nothing of your religion.

The heart cares naught for your political sway, or what language you speak.

It is unfettered by gender.

It is undeterred by age.

The heart is unhindered by riches or hardship...

And it is unburdened by the webs and ladders of society.

Love always finds its way in the dark...

...when the heart seeks the beat of another heart.

They say that Love is blind.

But I say Love has perfect sight.

A version of this story originally appeared on Toy With Me.


  1. one of my's super special ;)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to say so Kirsten... *smiles*

  2. Love the simplicity of both the story and your illustrations. A truly heart-warming piece. (A fine example of less is more.)
    *Clapping and cheering as she smiles and experiences the warm fuzzies*

  3. So true. And adorably presented <3

  4. Adore the actual simpleness associated with both tale as well as your pictures. A really heart-warming item. (An excellent instance associated with much less is actually much more.

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Cuz You Rocketh.