March 25, 2014

@LittleAnimation is now The @AnimatedWoman.

When I got on Twitter back in 2010 I was tweeting under my company name, @LittleAnimation. But now the situation has changed: my blog has evolved and I'm The Animated Woman and stuff. So it's time to change my Twitter handle and embrace the branding a little bit.

I wanted  to be @JCLittle, but that name is already taken by a chap in the UK. I asked begged pleaded offered actual money for the handle...

... but he just laughed, dammit.


The next best thing is to become The @AnimatedWoman on Twitter and since I keep that handle in case of Twitter Jail I simply swapped the names. If you followed me as @LittleAnimation nothing will have changed - you'll still be following me under my new handle and I'll still be following you.

I drew a fresh Twitter background just for this new handle dealio. I hope you like it.

Thanks to everyone on Facebook who voted overwhelmingly in favour of my new handle. It was practically unanimous with all but 4 out of 100. I'm keeping @LittleAnimation as an alternate account for a while, to redirect anyone who gets lost. And in case of Twitter Jail.

Please help me spread the word and "Click To Tweet" HERE. I wonder if there'll be any previously unforeseen fallout from this change...?

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