August 30, 2013

The Tipping Point.

It has finally come to this.

Things have shifted in my world, to the point where I'm looking at alternate ways of taking the edge off the grocery bill. I mean besides cutting out treats.

I don't blog for money. But that doesn't mean that money can't come from it. Like countless bloggers before me, I've often considered installing ads in my sidebar. Neil Kramer at Citizen of The Month bravely took the ads leap this week.

We all have different philosophies where ads-on-blogs are concerned. After eight years, it was a deeply personal decision for Neil.

The thought of compromising the look of my blog freaks me out; we're talking about Art Direction here, and my blog is my style. My brand, if you will. Most ads are ugly to me. Also, they're tailored for each viewer. Give up control of my visuals? My mouth just went dry. I can't even spit. I feel dizzy...and faint...I can't make a fist.

Here's an example, handily screen-capped from Dooce's sidebar (I rarely go there - why read Dooce when you can read Neil, right?):

No offense to Dooce, or Neil, but I don't want something like this on my blog. It matters not that you don't care, because I DO.

So unless I draw it myself, there will be no ads here. What about sponsored posts?

To me, art = love. Having spent decades in advertising as both an artist and a producer, I have a well-formed opinion on commercial art. It's sex for money, verses sex for love. At the end of the day, sex for money can be enjoyable AND lucrative. Theoretically then, I have no problem with it. But the theory falls apart when I think about the kind of products I'd get into bed with, so to speak.

I'm afflicted with responsible consumerism, so that narrows the field somewhat. Products I use already, and love, okay, but just try getting their attention.

Before you diss me for approaching a brand directly on Twitter, remember that it did work for me before, here and here. Of course it helps if the brand are not brain-dead on social media. And one can't spend all one's time chasing after brands.

I have done reviews before but I don't really want to "review" a product for money. Reviews need real passion to drive them into a place that's interesting for a reader; I doubt I have the kind of writing talent required to pull that off if the product doesn't move me to love it or hate it.

And so we arrive at The Tipping Point.

Think of me, if you will, as a Street Performer; I dress up in a funny costume, bounce around the screen, make you laugh, make you cry, do a few backflips, and at the end, I pass the hat.

The amazing followers of Amanda Palmer ponder the difference between asking and begging. I think there is. So I'm asking; if you love my work as The Animated Woman, please feel free to approach The Tipping Point....and tip.

I won't perish without it, but it will be really fucking awesome if you do.