January 26, 2013

The Life Path.

I'm usually focused on making good things. I make them for their own sake and most people think I'm nuts for this.

Them: "You spend a lot of time drawing for your blog - how do you make money from that?

Me: "I don't."

I don't do it for money. My work doesn't even reach that many people and I used to wonder about that, but I always came to the conclusion that it's not what really matters. What matters is that I do it. I make stuff.

But lately I've had some doubt. I question the choices I've made; where I put my energy, my time, my creative heart. Did I make the best use of my talents? Did I waste my gifts?

Did I make the world a better place? I don't know...

And so I'm feeling a tiny bit sad. I'm sure it'll lift soon. I guess we all could do with a little self doubt here and there. It forces us to re-examine our path.

For what is a life but the path between two points? I'm prolly just choosing my path.


  1. Well I have always enjoyed the things you share, and I'm sure others have too. :)

  2. Today my wife wondered out loud about the amount of work I do "pro bono". :-(

  3. Who cares if you made a lot of money? You have fun with it & enjoy it, don't you?

    As far as changing the world? Maybe not for the whole 7 billion people in it, but you touched many people in a very great way and that matters more than doing only for yourself/your gain.

  4. I think that, without getting too gooey here, you already make the world a better place...just by being you.

  5. yeah even this post helps bc i'm not the only one in this boat

  6. The amount of money in your bank account and the number of people in the audience are not what really count. Do you love the things that you choose to do? Do they make you happy? Do they help you encounter new and interesting people? Being able to answer "yes" to these questions is all that counts. That's how you choose the next direction that your path will take. I, for one, can say that what you do has touched my life :)

  7. We have to believe it is part of the journey. I joke that I am the volunteer CEO at Bonbon Break. Keep up the amazing work. You may not reach millions, but you always make me smile when you reach my inbox. Thank you!

  8. We know these things, but still we find ourselves sad from time to time. The best things in life aren't things, why do I still want things? Don't I only want the best? Money is not the only measure of success, but where are my efforts are evidenced? Why do I second guess my efforts?

    Near as I can tell, the only real reason or purpose for being on this planet, in this life, is to, as best we can, help others through the trouble spots. Seems to me that all other efforts are means to that end.

  9. Well, you've definitely put a little sunshine in MY life, so there! I also think that if you're using your gifts and abilities, it doesn't matter how much you have in your bank account. You are doing what makes you happy, and making others happy in the process. That is what I'd call success.

    Looking at it another way, many of us are doing jobs and things that we don't like and have no more than you do... See?... You may not be making money, but you're doing what you love. YAAAAY YOU!!!

  10. Every time I get interested in something, there's the inevitable moment when I think "How can I turn this into a money making opportunity?" Inevitably, these interests don't make it as "side jobs", mainly because I like them as a hobby, not as a job.

    My real job is web development, which - luckily enough - I really enjoy doing. I freelance a bit, but I also spend time coding things on the side such as FollowerHQ (if you don't mind me self-promoting a bit ;-) ). I've considered how I could turn FollowerHQ into a money-maker, but I probably won't. Instead, it will be just a place for me to try out cool coding tricks and code based on what *I* want to do instead of what a client wants me to do.

  11. Somebody asked me the other day whether I get paid to write my blog. Of course not, and I don't get paid to play my guitar, or volunteer for my favourite charity, or do other things that give me pleasure or fulfillment. If I got paid, it would be a job!

    I think you answered your own question when you said, "What matters is that I do it. I make stuff."

    Your drawing shows that you're nowhere near the end.

    1. That's it. But I'm questioning whether I've made the right stuff...

  12. Putting empathy and humor out into the world is a gift JC. Sharing it made you who you are right this moment (which I suspect is pretty awesome).

  13. I have the flu and was checking out animations (it's something I want to learn to do)and I came across yours after about two hours. It has been my favorite so far. You have actually made me feel better! So, it doesn't pay, but here's a big THANK YOU!

  14. I believe life is to be enjoyed and that fun is an honorable goal. Enjoying what you do and spreading that out to others does make a difference. Thank you.


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