January 26, 2013

The Life Path.

I'm usually focused on making good things. I make them for their own sake and most people think I'm nuts for this.

Them: "You spend a lot of time drawing for your blog - how do you make money from that?

Me: "I don't."

I don't do it for money. My work doesn't even reach that many people and I used to wonder about that, but I always came to the conclusion that it's not what really matters. What matters is that I do it. I make stuff.

But lately I've had some doubt. I question the choices I've made; where I put my energy, my time, my creative heart. Did I make the best use of my talents? Did I waste my gifts?

Did I make the world a better place? I don't know...

And so I'm feeling a tiny bit sad. I'm sure it'll lift soon. I guess we all could do with a little self doubt here and there. It forces us to re-examine our path.

For what is a life but the path between two points? I'm prolly just choosing my path.