March 29, 2013

PickleWeasel EGG Hunt - CONTEST.

It's a contest! Because the PickleWeasel app is marvelous and should be a household name, dammit. Also because Easter Eggs are funny.

To enter:
All you hafta do is click to tweet THIS (← click it). Or copy-paste this into a tweet or Facebook:
"The #PickleWeasel app is simply marvelous for comics & drawing. But don't take my word for it - try it yourself."
Then leave your name / Twitter @ / email / way-to-find-you in the comments. You can also guess where the Easter Egg is hidden in this drawing.

It could be anywhere....but you don't have to guess correctly. You just have to guess.

The prize? Any t-shirt or mug from my shop. I'll tell you right now that these are quite popular.

Contest closes at midnight on Monday April 1st 2013. I'll draw the winner from all the entries and announce it on Wednesday at 9 PM.

Good luck and don't eat too much chocolate.


  1. Well, the Easter Egg is clearly in the title of the drawing where you say "Fing the EASTER EGG."
    I would love to download the app, and I'm sure you're working on it, but I have an Android (crap, I think I owe George Lucas a dollar for even writing "Android" Crap, I did it again!)
    Tweeted as well because I hope you get crazy rich from this app. Blogger love!

  2. I tweeted it! I think if the egg is actually in the drawing, Pickle Weasel is sitting on it. Twitter: @nestedblog

    I LOVE Pickle Weasel and the app!

  3. You know he's sitting on it, trying to get it to hatch! @AZHRLisa

  4. I'm @JohnnySarcasm and the egg is in his butt.

  5. I tweeted. (@TechyDad) Also, the egg is cleverly disguised as the carrot. This way Pickle Weasel looks like he is being healthy when he's really eating chocolate.

  6. tweeted! you know how to find me. I'd do the tweet without entering, but dang it those shirts are cool!!! I thought he was sitting on the egg, but since everyone is going there, I'm gonna guess that it's in the basket. just because. xoxo g

  7. The egg is under the drawing of pickleweasel's mouth and nose. And I tweeted. @4hatsandfrugal on the twitters ;-)

  8. its hiding in his mouth..he ate it! :P .. I tweeted also @ksceviour

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  9. The egg is behind his ear. @gypsy_momma ...and I would so totally LOVE to play with Pickle Weasel, but I only use the laptop & the hubs & kids only have non-Apple devices and I've not hung out with i-stuff hanging friends in MONTHS in which I'd convince them, in person, to download it & let me play...but I do think one or two have converted...

  10. Gotta go with egg in the ear. I tweeted @leslieconn.

  11. @lucidillusions_ I think we have an invisible egg in the basket !


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