March 25, 2013

The real Canadians.

The Cree Walkers completed the Journey of Nishiyuu in support of the Idle No More movement and aboriginal issues. In January six youths and one guide left Whapmagoostui and walked 1600 kilometers, their numbers swelling to 400, to arrive in Ottawa today. They were welcomed warmly by thousands of people on Parliament Hill.

Walk tall.

Meanwhile two very expensive giant pandas arrived in Toronto and were welcomed by Prime Minister Harper.

I find this somehow extremely embarrassing.


  1. Ouch. Nothing against giant pandas, I love them...but, come on.

    1. Yup, love pandas. Did you know that it costs $10 million to rent them for 5 years?

      Harper should've been in Ottawa.

  2. Haha it’s funny, and panda’s are cute.


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