March 18, 2013

I draw YOU - Amiyrah Martin.

I met Four Hats And Frugal vlogger/blogger in person at Aiming Low's Non-Con12. She smiles easily and is smart and funny and really good with the whole having-a-fabulous-time-while-not-spending-money-thing. But it was her Halloween costume that made me fall in love with Amiyrah Martin.

She was the X-MISS - a super heroine who lost her family in a tragic tree-lighting accident, so she turned rogue and started to fight crime...but only during the Holiday Season. She had props and everything. She lifted up a bunch of bangles and shook them in my face, singing ominously, "Fiiiive goooolden riiiiiiings...!" I couldn't remember what the five golden rings were for, on account of being kinda tipsylaughing so hard. I had to ask her to remind me this afternoon on Facebook:

Me: "Hey. What were those five golden rings for?"

Amiyrah: "They were the rings of death, so mostly for dismemberment."

Me: "Jeeeeezus woman. Lol. I pity your enemies."

Amiyrah: "I have a lot of pent up anger and I project it all into my characters."

Scary. But clever. Oh, so clever.

Clearly there's more than meets the eye with this one. When I asked Amiyrah what her four hats were, she said this:

I'm like...dude, how do I draw that? I need hats that rep.

Being a frugalista with fashion sense, she wasted no time in giving me a list of her favorite four hats: "top hats, berets, baseball hats and those big floppy hats you wear to the beach".

I assigned them as follows:

But today is her birthday, so she needs a fifth hat:

Her mom made her this cake. (I mean the actual cake; I drew the cartoon version). It makes for excellent headgear.

You can totally cut these out and stick them on Amiyrah's head and they will fit. I am nice.

Happy Birthday Amiyrah!