March 19, 2013

JC's ALL CAPS (a cocktail).

I just now invented a cocktail. I really wanted a glass of wine, but there weren't none in the house. Faced with a gigantic pile of dishes and no dishwasher, my cocktail was born of necessity. I checked the pantry but all I could find was a cheap bottle of Sangria someone had left at one of our parties...and some scotch. BLEGH.

I decided to raid the canned goods shelf; and lo, nestled between the Chinese rice wine vinegar and the coconut puree was a glass container of homemade raspberry liqueur, a gift from my Aunt back in 2007 (it has a label!). Beside it: Poire William.

Here's mah recipeh:

Mostly raspberry liqueur...say, 2 oz.
Same for Poire William, 2 oz.
One quick grind of pepper - don't put too much.
6 cubes of ice.

Put it all into a shaker thingie. Shake it up. Pour through a strainer thingie into a really nice glass. Garnish with a couple of raspberries. Drinksies.


If you don't have raspberry liqueur just use whatever. And if you don't have Poire William...go to the shops and buy a bottle of wine.

Oh gee, I wonder if this is original...

Does it matter? LET THE ALL CAPS BEGIN!