April 1, 2013

I quit.

You read that right; I'm committing blogicide.

Maybe you don't realize this, but it's a lot of work drawing a blog. While other bloggers take a cool 30 minutes to whip up a post, it takes me hours and hours, and sometimes even days, to draw something for you. And in the past I've been lucky enough to get some decent page views, a handful of regular fans and enough comments to make it all worthwhile.

But lately....not so much. I grow weary. I'm actually tired of drawing. 

And I'm tired of being taken for granted. I just don't think I can keep this up for you guys, especially as my blog isn't monetized. That was my decision, I know, but I've avoided ads to keep this web space looking decent. If anyone was going to assault my viewers with attention demanding images it was going to be me, dammit! But no one seems to appreciate it, so whatever.

I never thought this day would come. I never thought I'd care if no one came here to look at my silly drawings, never imagined that it would matter that I don't have a book deal to show for all my efforts. But I was wrong. I do care. Blame it on my fragile ego.

And so I bid you adieu. I know I'll miss you. But I'm pretty sure you won't miss me. If there's any chance that someone should think of me and wonder what I'm up to, you can always visit me at work.

Love forever, 

JC aka The Animated Woman.