January 20, 2013

My NEW invention - Tooth POPS!

I always have my best ideas in the bath…it’s not very relaxing, but I’m getting used to it.

So anyways, there I am, soaking away, when my gaze falls upon the toothpaste tube on the shelf. It's all twisted up, squeezed out, with dried toothpaste all over it and the lid is even on crooked. Gross!

Also, I’m thinking, that poor tube of toothpaste will just end up in the landfill with all the other empty twisted crusty old used tubes of toothpaste. No one recycles them. What a waste!

And then it struck me – why not invent toothpaste that doesn’t come in tubes? Toothpaste is basically a mixture of goop set to foam up in your mouth, that helps clean your teeth and mouth interior, right? Who says it has to be a paste? So here I am inventing …TOOTH POPS!

A Tooth POP will be star-shaped (cuz it’s awesome) and hard, like a small candy. It’s packed with toothpaste like ingredients AND ...the fizzy stuff they put in Pop Rocks.

You simply place the Tooth POP into your toothbrush...

...and add a splash of water.

Whereupon it begins to fizz and foam!

Then you brush like normal. Tell me kids won't love this, amiright?  I bet the Tooth Fairy herself would approve. The truly cool part is that you don’t have to package these in tubes. They can be sold in little boxes or airtight baggies like candy.

Ta-daaa! I can finally relax knowing I have made the world a better place with my latest invention.

I am smart. You’re welcome.


  1. That really is a brilliant idea. What innovation has rocked the toothpaste world, teeth whitening? I demand tooth pops! But hopefully they aren't individually wrapped.

  2. That really is a great idea JC. You could make a fortune with that.....not that you're looking for money or anything (ahem), you just want to help mankind. ;)

  3. You know, our toothpaste technology is basically still stalled back in the 19th century. They just slap something like "Now with 47% more tooth-whitening!" on the box once in a while.

    Yours is an idea whose time has come.

    Now innovate toilet paper!

  4. I would like some of those. I am the person who always splatters it over my clean clothes. I will be on the advert as the before shot!

  5. Fly with it! It's a fantastic idea and I can help with the PRomo and marketing! *wink wink* and really flapping my wings!