January 7, 2013

PickleWeasel PROMO!

So they say that if you're releasing an app, you should really do a teaser promo to show it off and get some buzz going a couple weeks prior to the release. Lucky for me, I'm an animator!

Here's the PickleWeasel promo. It's kind of a boy meets girl story. With a PickleWeasel in it.

I'm surrounded by fabulous voice and musical talent. Props go to my 15 year old daughter and her friend Nat voicing this "boy meets girl" story. And The HUZ with his unforgettable tunifications. *applause*

Fun-Fact: The Guess-Games in the app were drawn in DrawSomething. I put PickleWeasel in all my drawsomes; 500 drawings later...you get the picture.

We're planning on launching the iPad version on January 21st from the App Store, and iPhone/Android will follow in the spring. Lots of fun stuff to come including a launch party, the chance to be drawn into the upcoming PickleWeasel music video, and an iPad Mini giveaway. I'll keep you posted here but you can always find out more about the app at PickleWeasel.com.

Don't be stingy with the sharing now. Go forth and make buzz.


Cuz You Rocketh.