November 9, 2012

I Draw YOU - Maddy.

I get a lot of compliments on my boots. People ask me where I got them, and I tell them the truth:

"I did a drawing of myself riding a Unicorn wearing nothing but these boots. Me, not the Unicorn." True story, right?

So that led to a contest wherein the entrants had to let me know how they'd like to be drawn wearing their dream boots from Country Outfitter. And Maddy won. Which was kinda cool cuz it was her 17th birthday and also she'd just got her license. Triple congrats!!!

Per her wishes, she's wearing Corral Tan Mesquite Laser Harness Boots, in her long knitted sweater and some knitted mittens, and holding a Macbook. She wins this drawing on one of my Zazzle mugs and a $150 gift card from Country Outfitter.

Maddy is a budding animator experimenting with stop motion 'pixelation' - she's made a clever short film called "Magician Maddy and her Favorite Socks". If any of you doubt that you can make your own films, look no further for inspiration, cuz this gal is actually doing it.

Now Maddy, whenever people admire your boots, you can tell them one heck of a long and complicated story.


  1. I can not thank you enough, for the contest, the drawing, the mug, and the sweet post. Thank you thank you!

  2. Maddy is super cute! Rock those new boots!

    1. She has a very interesting sweater too. It's got levels and layers. Good match for the boots.

  3. Super adorable! Congratulations, Maddy!

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday!!


Cuz You Rocketh.