November 20, 2012

I Draw YOU - @flyddw

Ever since I first laid eyes on @flyddw's avatar on Twitter where he's sitting in this giant, over-sized yellow chair; you know him, right? On Facebook he has a Prince-a-licous raspberry beret? Well, since then, I've had this image in my head:

I made a promise.

I said I'd draw you before the year was out.   And so here you go....and I'll add that I really enjoy our online friendship Derk. Dirk....uh, Darek? Dark!! No? Drek...isn't it Drek? Drak??

Oh sorry. DE-REK!! Derek. 

Kidding! I try to keep my promises.


  1. Thanks for keeping your promise JC. I never had any doubts!

    1. You're a cute little chibi. And your daughter is a great art director ;D


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