October 18, 2012

Naked on a Unicorn - Country Outfitter GIVEAWAY.


Remember my trick ploy uh plea to get you guys to help me bag my dream boots by tweeting to @CountryOutfittr? Where I promised to draw myself wearing nothing but the boots whilst riding a Unicorn?

It turns out Country Outfitter not only has a wonderful sense of humor, they can also appreciate and value your [somewhat bizarre] desire to see such a drawing. Cuz they gave me boots! Behold the awesome.

Yes, I am posing on my bed. I might be naked. Maybe. Never mind that, feast your eyes on the chocolatey swirls and turquoise detail. HAWT.

Country Outfitter were sponsoring the Aiming Low Non-Conference where I was the *ahem* Opening Keynote, down in Atlanta, and they sprung these beauties on me at the closing party.

Because you helped me out by tweeting and being amazeballs and stuff, we’re doing a giveaway contest thingie – you could win a $150 gift card to Country Outfitter AND a custom drawing from me on a mug. It's like Christmas!

To enter you must do these three things: 
NOTE: Contest open to US residents only.

1. Click here and enter your email address. Country Outfitter will occasionally send you marketing messages, and you are welcome to opt out at any time.

2. Tweet THE LINK to your favorite CountryOutfitter.com boots to me @LittleAnimation.

3. Tell me how you’d like to be drawn with those boots, in the comments below.

You need to do all three to enter.

I'll draw the winner and then I'll draw the winner. And btw I’ll just draw YOU, not you with your kids or best friends or you dancing with the different animals at the zoo. Contest closes on Monday at 9 PM. Winner announced Tuesday evening.

Oh yeah...a deal’s a deal. So here I am, naked on a Unicorn, wearing nothing but cowboy boots. Ta-daaa!

What would you do for your dream boots?

UPDATE: October 23, 2012. 

The winner of the contest has been selected by random number generator, number "10" - the tenth person to enter in the comments below. 

Congratulations to Maddy! She has a cute blog called A Little Fringe

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. That was kinda fun!