November 4, 2012

Montreal Girl Geeks - TOON swag.

Last week I got to geek out right here in my hometown! I presented The Art of Visual Storytelling to the Montreal Girl Geeks; a breakdown of the inner workings of my visual thought process with illustrated stories and animation. The event was hosted at BDO, complete with snacks and tech dude. Seriously, the tech was great - he let me use this ├╝ber cool headset mic that actually looked like an alien probe. FUN right?

One of the things I covered in my talk was the iPad and how I'm using it to do (amongst other things) toon swag. So of course I could not resist tooning the three women who run the MTLGG: Sandy Sidhu, Liesl Barrell and Leann Brown. 

The @MTLGirlGeeks are @SandySidhu, @LieslBarrell and @LeannZing.

These women are fun, smart, lovely, interesting, and they're doing cool stuff in tech and social media. And the group? They're my homies! All ages of women and even some dudes. It's fun to travel to geek out about my passions, but to find this coolness in my own backyard? Priceless.

Cake all round for #MTLGG.

The Art of Visual Storytelling is one of my public speaking topics. Contact me to book this talk, toons & tech.


  1. that cake looks yummy. i had oatcakes for lunch (wedding diet) and i am now grumbling.


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