October 10, 2012

5 Ways to tell if you're aiming low enough.

This story originally appeared on Aiming Low. Since I have the humbling honour of opening the very first Aiming Low Non-Conference in two days, I thought it would be cool to repost it here so you can see if you're aiming low enough. My Keynote will be about how aiming high and aiming low are closely related. To paraphrase a friend of mine, they are two cheeks of the same butt.

*     *     *     *     *     *

I gave up the notion of a tidy home long ago. Are you like me? Here’s a handy illustrated guide:

1. You have at least one vase in your home with flowers mouldering in it since last Valentines Day.

2. You’re actually starting to like tall grass and dandelions.

3. You can use your laundry pile to change a lightbulb in the ceiling!

4. Your eleven year old son wins first prize wtih the kitchen sink as his Science Fair project.

5. You’d rather read a book with your kid than change the sheets. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, that's what I always say.

How low can you go?


  1. My clean-laundry-but-not-put-away piles are my daily workout routines. Lift and move to the bed in the morning so we can use our table. Lift and move to the table at night so we can use our bed.

    Hmmm.... I seem to have gained some weight. Time to add more clean clothes to the lifting bins.

  2. You actually change your lightbulbs? I just light a book on fire or go to sleep as soon as the sun goes down.

  3. pretty low...don't cover to my house without notice so i can get the bio-hazard suit ready.

  4. i like the ending, I'd much rather do fun things with kids than clean any day, and who DOES like throwing out valentines flowers....surely you leave them there till next years arrive to take their place?!

  5. LOL! My laundry pile is clean, waiting to be folded or hung. Just as high as yours.

    We also have the pile of shoes by the front door and a pile of jackets on a bench to save time by not having to open the closet.

  6. What's on your stairs.........or along the walls in the hallway....just waiting to be put away?? EVERYTHING you can imagine at my house !


Cuz You Rocketh.