October 25, 2012

#BlissDomCA TOON swag!

I'd been wanting to reach out to more Canadian bloggers...I mean, I'm Canadian, but for some reason the bulk of my Internet friends are in the US. I dunno why...it just feels like they get me.

So I went to BlissDom Canada in Toronto ...and it turns out there's a bunch of Canadian bloggers that I already know!

I attended the whirlwind Microsessions (too short, too rushed) one of which was led by award-winning author (six books!!), public speaker, and TV personality Kathy Buckworth. Here she is, speaking publicly about public speaking, as it were.

She's quite animated so tooning her was easy! And @KathyBuckworth is just as animated on on Twitter - smart and funny.

Do you know Evelyn Hannon, AKA the @Journeywoman? Evelyn is CEO of Journeywoman, the largest online travel resource for women on the planet. We worked together on her short film Journeywoman Around the World, but never met in person until she popped in to have lunch with me at BlissDom. She said, "I'll be wearing a red cape." But I would have recognized her trademark bangs and glasses anywhere.

We spoke of our children, balancing family, work and life; we marveled at how meeting people in real life after developing a virtual friendship, can be quite the kick.

I was at BlissDom blocking hotel toilets ...drinking um... hanging out with my friend The Robin. She's new to blogging and wants to get started on the right foot.

Actually it was The Robin's wedding anniversary while we were at BlissDom. Pretty nice of her husband to let get her bliss on with me! (Happy Anniversary to both of you, btw, I know you're reading this you crazy stalkers. Muah!)

I met Schmutzie!

Yes, I was a little starstruck cuz of this Ted Talk I saw her do one time. But we all have hurdles to overcome, and mine was getting up the gumption to say hi for realz. This is actually a big deal for people going to conferences - we all experience the rabbit-in-the-headlights freeze when confronted with meeting those we admire. AKA Elan Morgan, she was at BlissDom with her huz, the Palinode. Both were Community Leaders doing sessions there.

ANYWAYS I plonked myself down on the floor in front of her and boom. When Schmutzie smiles, the room lights up.

I drew her as she iPhonographed me drawing her iPhonographing me.

I seem to be sitting on a magic circle there...I love this picture of me because she's caught me doing what I love. Also because I look hawt, but mostly cuz she got me. She's talented.

Quite a bit of toon swagging has been flowing from me lately. Where shall I go next? Any conferences you think I should attend? If I draw you will you draw me too?