October 28, 2012


Tomorrow evening I'm doing a talking on The Art of Visual Storytelling. I'm always learning, always striving toward expertise; I wish to command the medium so that I can express myself, deftly, succinctly, with humor and grace.

Anyways...tomorrow is the first time I'm speaking on this particular topic. In breaking down some of my stories for the presentation I realized how much I'm falling into natural story arcs without even thinking or planning. The visual devices that I use to create tension, the pacing of a story, the emotional triggers in an image or expression; all the subtleties and nuance of my lines and dots lay before me.

I found that I was deconstructing my self.

I've delved deep into The Heart of ME before. Scary...but also freeing. Do you ever feel abstracted?

My talk, toons and tech on the Art of Visual Storytelling, hosted by Montreal Girl Geeks.