July 19, 2012

Feeling the PINCH.

Remember this? I blogged it as the COFFEE Conundrum about 6 weeks ago and Pinned it right away.

Amy the Coffee Lovin' Mom said she noticed the image appearing on Facebook and then on Pinterest, but not linked back to me. For the record I don't really mind my images getting around on social networks (as long as it's not generating revenue without my permission, cuz that would be very UNcool). But even though I had Pinned the drawing myself, there were tons of re-Pins from another source.

Pinterest makes it easy to link back so it seemed worthwhile chasing it down. Amy and I waded through thousands of coffee related images (I want a coffee so bad right now) and she managed to follow the trail back to this Pin 'uploaded by user'.

Why indeed...? It's possible she saw the image somewhere else on the net (maybe Facebook?) and downloaded it. I like to give folks the benefit of the doubt. So I left her a note asking her to link back to the COFFEE Conundrum. Hopefully she will!

Do you Pinch when you Pin?