July 8, 2012

DOG Daze.

Here's my dog doing some more funny stuff.

She's very clever. But she doesn't like to show off by doing tricks.

If you think this is 'submissive' posture you are wrong. And if you'd like your fingers to remain attached to your hands, you should not interpret this as an invitation.

Multi-tasking? My dog can sing and do the bum-drag at the same time.

I love my dog.

I drew these on my iPad, using Paper and a Wacom Bamboo stylus.


  1. I did the classic bum drag once. One should never ever confuse Gold Bond as an item to get anywhere near your upper thighs. That's a PSA.

  2. I hope it's a bar by a swimming pool because it's nice outside. ;-P

  3. she looks very similar to my Sheltie! My Sheltie also rolls in the grass like that, love it!

  4. One of my doggies does that roll after she eats... we call it her "I'm full and happy dance."
    But you're right... don't try to scratch her tummy while she does it. OWIE!

  5. Sometimes I wonder what Sharon is thinking. Specially since Ozzy died. She is a crazy puppy that one is. Thank you for stopping my place on the web after Ozzy died. It meant a lot.


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