January 25, 2012

I Draw YOU - @xtremeparnthood

Sunday Stilwell @xtremeparnthood hired me to redesign her Banshee and I loved every minute of it.

She's relaunched her blog Adventures in Extreme Parenthood and it looks gorgeous. Sunday's the frazzled mom of two autistic boys. In her own words the drawing "fully embodies how I feel most days chasing my boys around".

Gracious, smart and with a sense of humor. This woman is a pleasure to work with! It was easy to say YES to this job.


  1. I could not love my newly designed banshee more if I tried! Thank you so much JC!

  2. Oops, and apparently I need to change my gravatar too. ::face palm::

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!Really that sums it all up. AWESOME!


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