December 1, 2014

NEW BOOK! PickleWeasel Picture Riddles

Here it is folks. PickleWeasel Picture Riddles.

101 of them, to be precise: this full colour book is a fun little brainteaser for kids and it has PW in it. But more than that YOU NEED THIS BOOK TO SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS. Think about it. This is waaaaaay more than just a book.

My third book. Hurrah!

"What's that playful PickleWeasel up to? There are 101 tricky PickleWeasel picture riddles to have fun figuring out. Some of the words are easy and some are more of a challenge, with clues in every picture. You can "hide" and "reveal" the answers with your very own thumbs, and the words are inverted, for those who pride themselves on their upside-down reading skills. 
Story artist JCLittle has created a wacky, zany, super-fabulous and slightly educational collection of PickleWeasels for kids aged 8 - 12. 
Bonus: Flip the corners of the book to see a little animation, just for laffs. PickleWeasel is a jaunty fellow!"
Awesome thumb action! Upside-down answers!

You guys. Buy the paperback now, on Amazon or CreateSpace. Christmas is coming and stuff. If you want it, click on these:

The Kindle version is a boosted experience - it's interactive, for starters, and it has extra word-play clues and hints. It'll be available in a day or so.

And this is just Book 1 in a series of four. Wacky, zany, super-fabulous and slightly educational.


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