December 4, 2014

Interactive Book! PickleWeasel Picture Riddles on Kindle.

You know when you get a print book and you can hold it in your hands and turn the pages and really feel the paper between your fingertips? It's sooo lovely. I love books.

Of course, you can get the Kindle version of a book that pretends to be a paper book but it's just not the same. And why should it be? It should be different! It should be ...EXTRA.

You guys. I'm leaking books.

PickleWeasel Picture Riddles on Kindle is EXTRA - it's got extra clues, extra surprize jokes (also known as 'easter eggs') and extra interactive "pop-ups". It has more stuff in it and it's a little more fun for older readers too.

Screencap time:

Punny hints.

Double-tap the key for the answer.

There are ten hidden pop-ups from PW in the book.

Picture-riddles are word-games: most of the hints are in the drawing, but if you need a clue, simply double-tap the lens and one will appear. The clues come in several forms - jumbled letters, number of letters, first letters, rhyming words, and punny hints (those are my faves). You can check your answer by double-tapping on the key. There are also ten hidden pop-ups from PW, so have fun finding them all.

Bonus: As you flip through the pages, PickleWeasel cavorts along the top of the screen. It's fun to make him animate.

See? It's a different reading experience than the paperback. Buy it here.
Now here's the deal - PickleWeasel Picture Riddles is enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program - which means that if you purchase the paperback from Amazon, you'll be able to own the Kindle version for one third the price - $1.99.

PS. We've got a PickleWeasel drawing app (for ages 9+), so if you want some of that, just go here.

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