December 10, 2014

Ello - The Beta Community.

Frolic all day and late into the night on a brand new social media platform: Ello. Everything is magical and there's genuine engagement everywhere you turn. There's nothing like the kind of friends you make in the early adopter rumpus.

And then suddenly there is a shift in behaviour. I feel it. More circles are populating and intersecting. Ellozens who gain more than a certain number of followers and followees begin to interact differently. Some of us lose one another.

It's like a stretchmark on the ballooning Ellosphere.

Some of us begin to seek ways to stay together. Over a few short weeks, there is kinship, support, commitment, ...and love.

Beta is bittersweet in its innocence; it doesn't last forever. Like a child.

These graphics were inspired by the beta Ello experience, and may speak to the ever-changing social media community needs.

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    1. It hasn't changed in that respect. Thanks for stopping by and commenting just doesn't happen very much anymore.


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