December 13, 2010

The SnowFLAKE & The Carrot.

Say Hi to my cute little SnowFLAKE.

She's stars in my series of animated Season's Greetings. Every year, I make her do silly things. I love animation because I can dream up a character and give it personality.

To me, the SnowFLAKE is like... a real person. 

When I was a kid, I was smitten by The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. What are your favourite animated Christmas specials?

There's three more!
The SnowFLAKE & The Chimney.
The SnowFLAKE & The Christmas Tree.
The SnowFLAKE & The FAKE Santa.



  1. Adorable! Just what I would imagine a snow flake would be like. Honestly, the Christmas specials of our past were super creepy to me. To this day I can't deal with claymation. Can't. Deal.

    I used to watch Holiday Inn over and over again on my parent's black and white TV. Still love it!

  2. This was so sweet. Love your snowflake - I'm staying tuned!!

  3. Sweet!!!! My kids loved it, too. :) They were a bit concerned about the snowman losing all his stuff though. LOL!!!

  4. It tickles me that the snowflake is so excited about how pretty she is, until she becomes just another part of the snow. The Grinch was my favorite animated Christmas special, too. I also loved "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I liked the way the kids turned that forlorn little tree into something special.

  5. @ Mom O Matic - Oh yeah! Christmas is the best for watching old movies... Wait, what clay animation traumatized you?

    @ Nina - and the Carrot is humming Frosty the Snowman, so his magic stuff is like "hey wait for us!!"

    @ Cara - I guess there is an element of the Rose in The Little Prince....thinking she's so special until she sees all the other roses. But don't worry, the SnowFLAKE shall return!!

  6. Love the snowman parts bouncing after the carrot!

  7. i so loved it my fav christmas cartoon was the grinch and charlie brown
    luv these christmas shorts and all thank you

  8. The - I found the Rudolph to be especially creepy for some reason.

  9. @ Brandi - Yeah, the corncob pipe and the old tophat are like, why should the carrot have all the fun?!?

    @ Ang - Got 3 more comin' up - be sure to show Aaron!

    @ Mom O Matic - Oh yeah, the puppet animation! Totally understand why; I remember being terrified of the Abominable Snowman, with those sharp pointy teeth...and I was sad when all his teeth were gone. But I loved the sound that Rudolph's nose made.

    I'm having an attack of nostalgia alluvasudden!

  10. Snowflake is so sweet and cute! I see a Christmas card future for her! ;)

    PS: I shamefully hang my head with the knowledge that I was not following you... one of my favs. What is my punishment?

  11. @ Lori - Your punishment is that you must now "chock" hahaha!



    Noooo!!! Not the "chock"!!!


  13. AWESOME!!
    My son said "more". So we watched it again! And then he said, "more" so... you know we watched it again. Then he said, "more"!...

  14. Adorable. I'm going to show my girls this when they get home from school. They have gotten into making those paper snowflakes this year. So they will really like this a lot.

  15. The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is my favorite, I have always been a huge fan of the Peanuts gang :) The dancing scene is one of my favorites. Close second is Rudolph for Burl Ives.

  16. Raving Rendal - I'm watching Rudolph NOW!!!


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