December 20, 2010

The SnowFLAKE & The Christmas Tree.

This Christmas series is fun for all ages heh heh.

Sometimes I get waaaay too busy with work (you know, animation for MONEY instead of bloggy LOVE) and I just don't have time for my characters. They come knocking at my door, wanting me to animate them, wondering why I've been ignoring them...making me feel guilty with the big, sad eyes. Yeesh.

*Sigh*...I guess my SnowFLAKE can take care of her self....*sob* who needs me...?

There's three more!
The SnowFLAKE & The Carrot.
The SnowFLAKE & The Chimney.
The SnowFLAKE & The Fake Santa.



  1. That was great. I want a Christmas Tree Rocket! How cool would that be?!

  2. I wish you would animate my tree. It's sitting here still undecorated and some of the pre-lit lights won't light! Plus there's a broken bulb that I saw once, but now can't find again! AAAHHH!

  3. Cute! and yes, we do recycle our tree! Once again, the 'la la la' audio cracks me up!

  4. @ leslieconn - I hate it when that happens. It makes me want to throw the whole strand away. Which I don't do, out of environmental guilt. So I have bags of super tangled partially functioning Christmas lights taking up space in the back of the cupboard under the stairs. GREAT.

  5. I love The SnowFlake and the Chimney. That is my FAVORITE !!

  6. These are the cutest things ever! Love the Snowflake. LOL!!! :)

  7. Gracie loves these! Loves when the snowflakes gets bigger!

  8. I showed my boys all of your Snowflake videos and they loved them. (My oldest remembered your site as "the one with the falling snowman on it.")

    Happy holidays!


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