December 20, 2022

Watercolours Have My HEART

I suppose it's time for an update over here. 

It was a long's not over, but I can't deny that watercolours have my heart at the moment. The Animated Woman just has to wait. 

Water color painting of a male Northern Cardinal. This bright red bird with a little black mask of feathers, and a red beak, is perched on a branch running diagonally through the frame. The background is painted in the muted tones of a grey and damp early spring day. The Cardinal's expression is one of playful superiority, hence the title, "Cardinal Ruler".
Cardinal Ruler

Water color painting of a Great Blue Heron standing in a green pond. The heron has one leg up, mid-stride and is staring intently into the water, as if looking for a fish. Hence the title "Reading The Menu". Painting by Canadian artist JC Little.
Reading The Menu

Water color painting of a white swan on a deep blue pond. The swan is looking down at its own reflection in the surface of the water. Painting by Canadian Artist JC Little.
Look Harder

If you want to see what I'm up to, go see - yep, I was finally able to get my hands on my name URL. There you'll find my fine art shop, landscapes and wildlife, as well as pet portraits and a way to commission a piece. I even have a quiet little Artist Blog over there.

Be well, be kind, be animated, I love you.

JC Little


Cuz You Rocketh.