September 22, 2014

The Montreal Formula - Artist Survival

I did some live-cartooning over at the POP Montreal Symposium yesterday: one of my tweeps, @ItsLilpeanut told me this is called a "sketchnote".

The topic was "The Montreal Formula: How to survive as an artist in Montreal". Co-hosted by ELAN Quebec and POP Montreal, Albert Nerenberg (The Laughologist) moderated seamlessly, with Murray Lightburn (solo artist and The Dears frontman), Krista Muir (aka Lederhosen Lucil) and myself.

A step beyond toonswag, my drawing was projected in real-time from my iPad to a screen for the audience to watch during the session. One becomes a conduit for ideas and pictures, some of which end up in the image. When it was over, I felt strangely buoyant.

Just another artist surviving in Montreal.


  1. So cool. And now I don't know which one I like more -- this one or the one from Blogging Betties.

    1. They both have some kind of wisdom; I like the anonymous troll person on the Blogging Betties one though.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! The poster AND the T-shirt!


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