July 23, 2013

BlogHer 13 - reppin' with #toonswag!

Packed? Check.

Tickets and registration printed out? Check.

Butterflies in tummy? Check.

Tomorrow I will (fingers crossed for a good airport experience) hop on a plane and head for Chicago to join my friends in the blogging world at BlogHer 13. My plan while I'm there is to eat, drink, be merry...and toonswag of course.

What the heck is "toonswag"? It's when I live-draw people that inspire me, usually at a conference or social media event. The drawing is a gift to them, and it fits neatly into their luggage cuz it's digital. I've drawn celebs, speakers, panelists, and regular bloggers like me.

I started toonswagging last year at BlogHer; some 6 events and 49 social media personalities later I've got quite the collection. Although I'm super shy, I have been known to surprize foks by marching right up to them and asking if they'll pose for me. However if you want to be toonswagged you should let me know by fluttering your eyelashes and uttering the secret password:
"I have blue footed boobies."
I am serious.

Which brings me to this:

#BloggerCOOL is something we can all tap into. It's a wildly inclusive thing started on the fly by Abbie Gale All That Makes You on FaceBook. The group quickly snowballed into several hundred women connecting on several hilarious topics, one of which was boobies. Before I knew it KissyFace had drafted me into drafting the mascot.

The blue footed booby is a noble critter. There will be stickers floating around BlogHer 13, cuz Elizabeth Lee jumped in and printed hundreds of boobies.

Photo-creds to Elizabeth Lee!

I'm JUST SAYING in case you see them stuck on people's lanyards and stuff. There's even a twitter account → @bloggercool.

I wonder if anyone will draw me at BlogHer...


  1. I'll draw you! Except it won't be cute. Which is why I'm a blogger, not a drawer. See you there!

  2. Omg! Please, please stalk me, or just say hello! Would love to see my likeness in cartoon!


  3. JC, toonswagging sounds awesome! Can't wait to meet you at the conference.

  4. I will TOTALLY draw you. And hug you for a booby.

  5. I'll draw you. You might end up looking more like a flower or a cat than a human, but I'll draw you. :D

  6. I can't wait to see your toon swag this year!

  7. I can't draw you at BlogHer but I could totally draw you from a picture...hmmmmmm.

  8. I will draw you - as long as the police haven't taken me away for whispering "I have blue footed boobies" into the ears of every person I meet. Can't WAIT!!!

  9. How fun! I can't wait to connect with you here in Chicago!

  10. You're super shy? Ha. I"ll totally draw you next time.


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