July 8, 2013

CONTENT MARKETING: ...does toonswag count?

Since my last speaking gig went belly up, I've been jonesing for some social-media IRL action. So I jumped when my friend Mila invited me to (acclaimed author) Mark Schaefer's Content Marketing workshop right here in Montreal. Aptly named "ContentMTL" and deftly thrown together by SocialMeex and the McGill Writing Center, the gig was packed.

Naturally I whipped out my trusty iPad and Wacom stylus and toonswagged the dude.

There's always that weird moment when I show the drawing I've just done of them, with me holding my breath, "Will they hate it? ...will they let me tweet it out, even if they hate it?" Mark was all like, "YESSSS!"

What the heck is content marketing? Basically it's writing (or drawing) stuff and getting it out there on the innerwebs. The workshop was aimed at business strategists, advertising marketers and publishers. 

As usual I fall outside the kinds of stuff that people are doing with that shit but whatever; I still got a lot out of Mark's brilliance. Mostly because he tells funny stories. Ha.

This fashion statement was snapped by Mila Araujo!

There was a panel after that with some amazeballs people: Micheline Bourque, Brendan Tully Walsh, Craig Silverman, Mila Araujo, Julien Smith (omg JULIEN SMITH) and Ray Hiltz from SocialMeex was the moderator.

Yes. I totally drew six people in one hour. 

The entire room erupted into spontaneous applause when Mila said this.

Toonswag whuttup! So yeah, there's that weird moment once again when I show Julien Smith my toonswag, ask his permission to tweet it out and try to exchange biz cards all the while trying not to drop all my gear on the floor because I AM SO AWKWARD. He was gracious. He got my card out of the case for me.   

Actually I took a lot of notes when I wasn't drawing. If you have an iPad, you know how irritating the touchscreen-keys are, right? Well, this time I was trying out a Logitech FabricSkin keyboard thingie I got through Best Buy. 

My fingers were a blurr.

Holy crap this thing is great - perfect for conferencing cuz you can type really fast thanks to the keyboard. I may just take this to BlogHer 13 with me. Hopefully that trip won't go belly up too!

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Cuz You Rocketh.