April 3, 2013

PickleWeasel EGG Hunt - WINNER.

Sooooooo....time to announce the PickleWeasel EGG Hunt winner. There were 13 entrants who tweeted the magical words,
"The #PickleWeasel app is simply marvelous for comics & drawing. But don't take my word for it - try it yourself. http://itun.es/i6JL3nG"
and took a stab at guessing where the Easter Egg was hidden. I'm shocked at how many of you guessed it was under the Bunny's bum. YOUR MINDS ARE IN THE GUTTER PEOPLE. No, really folks, it was hidden under his tail.

The winner of the contest has been selected by random number generator, number "1" - the first person to tweet the magical words.
And that person is Pickleope. Congratulations Pickleope! Go now to my Zazzle shop and choose something (mug or t-shirt).

I like Pickleope. Not just cuz he shares some freaky DNA with PickleWeasel, but he's also a very funny blogger. I like him cuz he's not afraid to poke at stuff. Like human foibles. Squirm.

Surprize! I decided to throw this drawing in on a whim.

See? You never know when I might do that. I'll bet you're regretting not entering the contest now eh?

Fear not. There will be more contests, with prizes and drawings, and possibly even an iPad mini in the not too distant future.

All because I love you.


  1. How fitting! The Pickleope won the Pickle Weasel contest!! Congrats!!!

    1. You are so gracious Stephi. Thank you for stopping by to congratulate Pickleope!

  2. YES! YEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!! THIS IS...sorry, turned the caps lock off...This is spectacular! I am not only excited to win, but so honored to be pickle weaseled. Thank you so much. This couldn't have come at a better time. You have again brought joy into the world as I am doing an embarrassing dance of joy in my kitchen! Thank you Thank you, a thousand times thank you!

    1. Sorry I'm a bit deaf from all these kids doing trumpet practice round here, can you speak up a bit?

  3. Those are some awesome drawings! Love em.


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