April 15, 2013


Somehow, cartoons just don't feel right today...so I'm hoping to cheer you up with these pictures of me from when I was green.

I hope that you will be okay.

*     *     *     *

I've been green here and here thanks to my friends: Kathy Slamen Photography, Body painting  Alex Hansen, Hair & make-up Naita Ratycz, jewelry and hair accessory by Serafina, vintage gown courtesy private collection of Nancy Marrelli.


  1. The second last one is my favourite. They're all pretty sexy though. ;)

  2. You're a funny one, Mrs. Grinch. xoxo

  3. Ok, it seems you are green everywhere except your eyes? In my case my eyes are the only part of me that is green :-)

  4. I'm with Chris -- the second last one is so awesome.
    Check out those pearly whites!!! :)

  5. Great pictures friend. Your appearances are awesome. Sometime you’re look is so proud. But sometime make cruel and mad look. That’s the talent of you.

  6. Wow green woman with different appearance. I like your different feelings. Sometime you act as cruel woman, as a witch, mad woman and sex.


Cuz You Rocketh.