June 21, 2012

The Show Must Go ON...!

My precious Grandma slipped away from us today. At 97, she was finally ready. When I heard the news, I went to be with my family; I hugged them tight. And as we left I turned to blow my Grandma one final kiss from the doorway. But she was already gone.

Even though we were expecting this at any moment, the tears still surprised me. And then I thought what she would say;
"The Show must go on!" She'd stamp her walker, throw her head back and laugh. She had quite the laugh for such a tiny person! It shook the chandelier.

And so, since the show must go on, I invite you to scroll way, way, waaaaaaaay down...

Today is my Blogiversary. It's been two years since I leaped into the Blogger Abyss and never looked up. We've had giggles, tears, stories, eye rolling, we've poked fun at social media and we've shared the lighter side of parenting. It's been fun and I suppose I've done rather a lot of drawing.

Thank-you to all who have visited me here. I love you.

Let's eat cake!