June 11, 2012

FaceBook WTF.

First off, this is a lie.

It turned up on The Huz's Facebook sidebar - I never liked Vivint on Facebook and I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT. I also refuse to Google it just on principle.

Then, this turned up on my Facebook artist page:

I get that Facebook is a business, but this makes me feel uncomfortable. I dunno, it's kinda like they could adjust their algorithm to make me suddenly unseeable to those who used to see me. I feel powerless, voiceless, impotent, invisible. Like I don't exist...unless I pay.

Dark words play at the corners of my mind. Words like "extortion", "profiteering" and "got me by the short n' curlies". Okay, the first two might be harsh, but the last one is spot on.

Anyone else seen this? Anyone tried paying actual money? And was it worth it?