May 10, 2012

Motherhood = Nerves of Steel.

Mother's Day comes once a year and it's a day for mom to take some time for her self.

Of course, it could end up being just like every other day. Children are so demanding!

As a mom, I think it's important to consider their demands and make the right decisions.

This is where the "nerves of steel" come in handy.

Kids can say terrible, hurtful things. And in the heat of the moment, they really mean it too.

I never take these insults personally. Instead, I choose to focus on important issues, like respect and honesty.

As long as the lines of communication remain open between myself and my kids, and my reflexes remain sharp...

...I think things will probably turn out alright.

A little patience goes a long way, so we try to give them time and space to reflect on their actions.

And while it may often seem that being a mom is a thankless task... actually isn't.

There's just enough pure joy to be thankful for. Remember folks: every day is Mother's Day.

Confession time! What's the worst insult ever hurled at you by your offspring? Or that you ever hurled at your mom?