May 11, 2012

Klout PERKS.

Klout is back on my radar.

"But JC, I got loads of free stuff from Klout! Free this, free that."

Klout perks are not 'free'. Every time someone talks/tweets/posts about their perks they are advertising for Klout the company and its clients. It's my personal view that Klout perpetuates an unhealthy type of advertising/marketing practice which allows the media to prey on human unconscious inferiority complex. This practice regularly tears down the public's self esteem, makes us feel, fat, ugly and poor and generally unworthy so that we will spend money to try to alleviate a perceived void. Klout exploits this human foible in their business model and harnesses whatever influence you have to make a buck.

BTW you're awesome no matter what your score is. Here's a HUG.