March 20, 2012


Have you congratulated @JohndStearns yet? He won the Pot of Gold contest. So I told him he could pick a t-shirt or mug from my Zazzle shop, but what did he do? He asked for something that didn't exist yet...(dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun...) ...until now.

I bring you the all new and fabulously original FUQMAN t-shirt collection.

Six designs available in black or white, all styles for geeky dudes or groovacious gals. If you think you can't afford this t-shirt, just consider what a great conversation starter it'll be.

Cute stranger: "Hey cool t-shirt. What the heck is a FUQMAN?"

You: "He's an awesome new kind of superhero. FUQMAN plays a fiery guitar and battles the Lords of Irony on Planet Zog. His super power is the power of exasperation."

Cute stranger: "WHAT?!? You mean there's finally a flaming guitar superhero who fights IRONY??"

You: "Yup. Awesome, no?"

Cute stranger: "Hell yeah! Where can I get me one of these? It looks so good on you too...wanna make out?"

...etcetera. You can't afford not to have this t-shirt. So go get FUQQED!


  1. Hahaha! I love a guitar hero that fights irony - who wouldn't?!

    1. Well exactly. Plus he's an action hero, so hopefully this t-shirt will provide folks with a little 'action'.

  2. HAHAHAH AWESOME! John is awesome too. Glad he won :-)


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