February 29, 2016

Papa Pasquale Wins Best Animation at CIFF16.

So there was a film festival on the weekend, that was not the Oscars: the Canada Independent Film Festival. My little film, "Papa Pasquale" won an award - Best Animation.

Here's some pictures.

The award was presented to me by this little darling...

 ...which was totally sweet.

I was smiling ALOT. This picture was taken by my friend Julia Chiarella-Genoni AKA Ask Mama Moe. I was really happy because a bunch of my family and friends came out to cheer for me.

Ralph Zarboni came to the screening; it was he who brought me the story of Papa Pasquale (Pat) Folino, and who made the film possible. Awesome.

The award is really quite pretty...crystal. It's heavy...and sharp! Don't drop it on your foot.

This was the inaugural event of the CIFF - Congratulations to them! I'm so honoured; and what a thrill to see one of my films on the big screen.

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