October 1, 2014

Falling for Ello.

I've been hanging out on Ello. I like it because I don't feel like there's a wall between me and the creators of Ello. It's so artist friendly, all the images look great and I'm meeting a lot of other people like myself. I love looking around and saying hi. The black and white visual feels like all the colours are left for me and everyone else.

It pleases me.

Of course, it's only the very beginning; Ello is still in beta and it's full of bugs and hiccups and limited functionality. All the early adopters are there splashing around and frolicking like they've just discovered an oasis with fresh clean water - there's a lot of interaction right now. It's hilarious to watch new arrivals stumbling around trying to figure it out. Ironically, I'm once again in touch with some of the first people I met on Twitter five years ago, before we all got buried in too many followers, marketers, spammers, twitter parties and hashtags...

Yeah, I've heard the argument that Ello is backed by venture capitalists, and that they're going to turn around and sell us out once they've got us hooked. And I've seen friends on other social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ throw up their hands and exclaim "LORD HAVE MERCY DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER PLATFORM??"

Maybe you don't. But I do. Google+ is watching us, Facebook is tracking us, it's too full of ads, too full of clutter and complicatedness, it's too much like slavery-to-the-machine. Mostly though, it's just too fucking blue. Blue is my least favourite colour.

I won't be leaving my other platforms behind. But right now, I am falling for Ello.

Me on Ello @theanimatedwoman


  1. Awwwwwwww.... But I like blue! Your dress is blue.

  2. Replies
    1. Funnily enough, I haven't played with gifs much. UNTIL NOW.

  3. I find it easier to say things on 'Ello because I don't have to worry about family on there

    1. I get it. I'm also excited about it because there's a whole new bunch of people there.