December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday GIGI.

Dear Gigi,

I love you because of lots of things.
Here's a handy list:
  1. Mila introduced us. We should thank her...... Hey thanks Mila!
  2. Then we were in Philly and you posed for me. 
  3. Your hair is different alla-time, alla-time.
  4. And you went to that palm-reader that one time and found my mom's scarf that she lost and you packed it up and sent it back to her and that was really nice of you. And now she's thinks you walk on water btw. Good luck keeping that up (just saying).
  5. You are smart. 
  6. You are fast at typing.
  7. You are funny.
  8. You are funny.
  9. You don't mind if I repeat myself.
RGB Cupcakes are too much for some people. But not this gal.

Happy Birthday, GiGi!

1 comment:

  1. There's nothing like a shout-out from the Animated Woman to make a birthday better. Happy Birthday Gigi!

    (Pssst, mine is January 29….. just sayin')


Cuz You Rocketh.