October 22, 2013


A couple weeks ago, it was my friend Jasmine's birthday. Last spring Jasmine and I pushed through an intense situation that 'sploded all over us with dreck. I like her - and you know why? Because she's truly awesome.

I made her a birthday card.

Derby rays of awesome.

Jasmine is a top quality human: she strives, she questions and she reaches out. She listens. She cops to it. She's a critical thinker. She plays Derby.

Maybe YOU know someone who is also awesome. Maybe you like their ideas, attitude or sense of humor, or even that they leave the room to fart. Tell them! Draw them a card!

Or you can use these - free awesome cards. (I am nice.)

Safe for work...or kids.

F-Bomb awesome.

Print, Pin or post one of these and tag someone that you think is awesome. Go forth and hand out the awesome freely.

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