October 8, 2013

#TOONswag - Live-drawing #BlissDomCA

BlissDom Canada conference, Toronto.

When I sit down to live-draw someone new, I think to myself, "...can I do this?"
Every. Single. Time.

Going to a conference to meet a lot of new people can have the same effect on me: What if everyone finally finds out that I have no idea what I'm doing? I'm getting better at pushing through that.

I have to start at a pre-Blissdom meetup here in Montreal - organized by Fariha Naqvi who blogs at Canadian Mom Eh. You may have seen her in the media lately speaking out against the Quebec Charter of Values. We met for coffee and I totally toonswagged her!

Super-cool @JackiYo finally posed for me at BlissDom Canada. She blogs at What Did She Say? I've met her a few times now.

This is Jason Theodor aka @jted. His session at BlissDom - The Art of Creativity - was amazeballs. This man is truly gifted at wordgenesiosis. Watch for his upcoming book at JasonTheodor.com.

I met @ActiveKidsClub at BlissDom's Great Canadian Outdoors Party, which was a good fit for someone who blogs about getting kids outdoors at Active Kids Club. I was smitten by her pink stripey billyboots and sparkley silver top. Toonswag ensued.

Kirstine Stewart, Head of Twitter Canada, was giving a brilliant keynote at BlissDom about Twitter "moments" when I drew her. But when I tweeted out the image, I sent it to @KirstenStewart. OOPSIES.

Twas the jugular of irony. Luckily @RadioRedHead was on the ball and made sure @KirstineStewart got the tweet.

And she used it as her profile pic.

I know, right?

Which culminated in a perfect Twitter "moment" for me, #toonswag and #BlissDomCA.

Of course, I didn't want Kirsten (Kristen?) Stewart the actress to feel left out, so I drew her too. I can't even tell which account is actually her! What a debacle; I blame menopause.

What is this woman's Twitter handle and can Kirstine Stewart get it verified for her?

After four years of Innerwebbing I met Tamara McPherson of WonderMoms.ca at BlissDom Canada. And she posed for me. It was her birthday, so she didn't hold still for long.

Silver crowned loveliness! @RossanaWyatt showed off her groovy necklace. She blogs at Being Gluten Free.

Sandy Macnamara invited me to be BlissDom roomies at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel. We stayed up late chatting and getting to know each other; it was like super-concentrated friendship. I miss her already.

@ToyWithMe on Twitter, Sandy runs an adult toy review site called Toy With Me. Go check it out: it'll be your pleasure.

This woman is @ShannonFisher - a blogger who walks the delicate line between courage and vulnerability. She's got a zillion watt smile and writes with her heart on her sleeve at Truthfully. We had recently bonded over the Mrs Hall blip and Shannon posed for me at BlissDom.

Who's the Daddy blogger with the biggest heart? Chris Read! If you sit near him, you can actually hear it go BOOM. This dude blogs at Canadian Dad and tweets as @CanadianDadBlog

Finally, closing up the bookends with another homie, @MoxieDude! Also known as Mona Andrei, she blogs at Moxie-Dude (as in "she's got moxie, dude!"). Ask her about the hamster.

Mona drove us to and from Toronto for BlissDom. She only hit the rumble strip twice and I'm pretty sure one of those times was to wake me up.

One conference, eleven TWELVE toonswags.

Who's next?


  1. You are so awesome. The epitome of awesome. When I grow up I want to draw just like you. Except not EXACTLY like you because that would be copying.

  2. Love it! And blushing at "super-cool". :)

    1. You've got your cool sorted. And beauteous Jacki - I loved your photos!

  3. It's just not the same laying in bed chatting to myself at night. I miss you!

  4. these are great, totally laughing at the kristen stewart flub! oops! so nice of you to go ahead and draw her too! lol

    1. Heheh...well I still can't figure out which is the real Kristen Stewart on Twitter.

  5. great pics JC. You captured the fun.

  6. It was so nice to meet you JC and thank you so much again for the wonderful toonswag, everyone loves it

    1. Kari! It was my pleasure to meet and then draw you. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  7. You are uber talented chickee! Great job. These are fantastic!

  8. I love them all. I hope to be "tooned" by you some day!

  9. Look at me, all cartoony and cute! Thanks again!


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