May 27, 2013

The Doug and Rob Ford Caption Contest.

WARNING: political tooning.

Resistance was futile; I finally caved and drew Rob Ford, embattled Mayor of Toronto. Of course you can't really draw Rob without his older brother City Councillor Doug Ford.

I do not like the feeling I get when I listen to what this man says about ....well, anything really. The way Doug Ford talks makes me feel intensely uncomfortable; I don't trust him. One gets the idea that he's the one pushing his blurt-happy little brother along and pulling the strings behind the "Ford Nation" ideology. And watch out Canada, Doug Ford has his sights set on the Ontario Premiereship. If what Prime Minister Harper says about the municipal/provincial/national hat trick in this video is anything to go by, I may start to secretly hope Quebec separates because it'll actually be more Canadian here than anywhere.

Anyways, the Rob Ford story has morphed from a crack to a crevasse to a yawning canyon. With stalagmites and pointy shit. And being a Canadian, I can't escape it. Allegations aside, what interests me mainly is the behaviour of these two men, and the people reacting to them, for and against. I find it all at once compelling, hilarious and terrifying.

But never mind all that! Here's a caption contest for you!

Simply leave your entry in the comments below - it can be a single caption, or a couple of speech bubbles between Dougie and Robbie. Have fun. You can enter as many times as you like: just be sure to leave your Twitter handle or email so I can contact you if you win.

How you win - I'll choose the funniest one, that's all there is to it. My decision will be final.
What you win - your choice of either mug or t-shirt with the above design on it.
When you win - contest closes Wednesday, May 29th 2013 at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Thursday between 9 and 10 PM.

Remember the Ultimate Goal here is to have a laugh (yes, at the expense of the Brothers Ford, but that's what you get when you're an insane public official) so please hit the share button.

UPDATE: May 30, 2013 Contest Winner Announced!

We have a winner! Congratulations @IamSauerkraut from Twitter!

Sauerkraut, please let me know if you want t mug or a t-shirt with this fabulous one-of-a-kind artwork and hilarious caption. Thanks to everyone for entering; you are lovely.

And remember folks: if you're lucky enough to live in a democratic society, don't piss it away by not bothering to vote in your next election. Because ROB FORD.

'Nuff said.


  1. Left bubble: Bite me!
    Right bubble: I would if I could!

  2. Draw in some musical instruments and have them rocking out to a certain Weezer tune. ;)

  3. Doug: Listen to my little bro
    Rob: Two crackheads are better than one!

  4. Doug: It's my turn to use the brain cell today!

    Rob: No, it's mine!


    1. OMG. I *was* going to enter..but now I can't..because this just took the cake outta the Ford brother's mouths. BOOM.

  5. Doug: So happy there's no video of you doing crack Rob!

    Rob: Yeah! There is no video because I got the video! Hahaha!!!

  6. Doug: I have to poop.

    Rob: The crack is mine.

    via @iamsauerkraut

  7. Doug: I know you are
    Rob: But what am I?

  8. Doug: Rob, is there a video of you doing coke?

    Rob: It's cake, Doug, cake.

  9. Contest is now closed - thanks everyone for their great entries!

  10. Doug: OK, lil bro - you save Toronto, I'm going to stop the Ontario gravy train. I'm going to be an MPP.

    Rob: And they say I smoke crack . . .

  11. Both: This shirt isn't big enough for the two of us