May 12, 2013

Mom Super-Powers.

The ten-year-old boy is now thirteen. That means we now have three (3) teenagers in the house.


A rhetorical question.  Actually it wasn't even a question (I didn't put a question mark, did I?) ...more of a "wondering aloud". Seems like only yesterday, I myself was but thirteen, and not entertaining any deep thoughts beyond pondering how to dance without making people laugh and point.

Nonetheless, here am I, on yet another Mother's Day, reflecting on my three children. The  thirteen year old boy loves comics (especially Spiderman); superheros with superpowers are a big topic of conversation around here.

This is one example:

He's always so eager at this point in the conversation. It's really cute.

Actual. Tears.

What Spidey said, dude.

When given a choice of what my super-power would be, I always answer, "The power to heal, my son" cuz check it out yo. That would be ain't got no problems if you got your health. Give folks their health, make the world better. And so on.

Well anyways, Happy Mother's Day. What would your super-power be?

PS. I've decided to be a little more personal with my blog.