February 23, 2013

Audience Participation.

I'm sooooooo late in cutting this video together. Sorry. It was the "audience participation" segment of my Opening Keynote at the Aiming Low NonCon in October 2012. I wanted to empower the crowd while paying tribute to Anissa Mayhew, who leads Aiming Low.

Anissa Mayhew and everyone from Aiming Low are pretty special in their outlook. The incredible irony is that as I post this video, Anissa is recovering from breaking the wrist on her stroke-affected arm. And in her inimitable style, she jests that she "wasn't really using it anyway".

Here's the simultaneous "I can. #noncon" tweet stream generated.

Dare to dream; the world needs more of it.


  1. Hey, that black girl in the plaid shirt smiles too much. Tell her to calm the hell down. In all seriousness, this was a moving opening keynote. We all love Anissa to the moon and back. Thanks for reminding us of that.

    1. Amiyrah no one can smile too much...also (surprize) I have drawn you.

  2. You are hilarious.

    Of all the blogging conferences there are, I think I would like, and fit in with, Non-con the best.

    Now I just need a sponsor to get me there. LOL

  3. This was amazing. Sorry I missed attending, but hope to someday.


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