Public speaking …with cartoons?
Known as insightful, humble and hilarious, JC Little is an original keynote speaker who will lead you on an animated journey - using her illustrated stories to engage, motivate, teach and inspire.

  • Dream Come True – How I made a TV series. 
  • Parenting - Animated!
  • The Art of Visual Storytelling – Lecture or Workshop.
  • Blogging – Make an Emotional Connection 
  • The Animation of Empathy – Social Media and Real Life. 
JC is an award winning storyteller:

Book JC Little to speak at your event: email.
"JC is without question one of the most unique and gifted speakers we've ever had the pleasure to spotlight, with a quirky charm that'll win any room over and warm your hearts to boot!" - Sandy Sidhu, Montreal Girl Geeks.

Don’t forget to feel.
Why feel? It makes us human. Genuine emotional communication is humanizing: it’s vital to storytelling, successful branding and customer service.
"JC doesn't speak AT a crowd, she captures them with her deft combination of art and story. Her opening keynote at the Aiming Low Non-Conference connected with the audience through her ability to draw every emotion with simple pen strokes." - Anissa Mayhew, Aiming Low.
"LOVED your talk JC! It was so much fun!! I was so stuck on how to do a promo video but thanks to you, I am ready :))" - Jason Goldsmith, Big Blue Hug. 

Hilarious and thought provoking.
JC’s vast range of drawings and experiences allows her to adapt her content to any audience: from fresh-faced college students, to corporate events, business and social media marketing pros, or mom and dad bloggers and parenting groups.
"JC, I'm so glad you were a part of this event. We loved it, it was deeply philosophical and you had us laughing out loud." - Ljiljana Petrovic, Humanities Dept. Vanier College.
"JC Little's Visual Storytelling Workshop was amazing; I laughed and was entertained; I learnt and was inspired; I left with some great ideas." - Deirdre Potash, Art Comes To School

"Thank you so much, JC. Your talk was fun, funny, lively and really interesting and helpful. I loved it. Your figures/animations are just so damn cute." - Sabine Walser, Marianopolis College.
":) I was one of those students today! You did a great job (in case you were wondering). I laughed my *ss off (which never happens at a humanities function)." - Vanier student.

For a little more about JC Little, please look over here. 

Upcoming events
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Past events
Book JC Little to speak at your event: email.

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