Ello Monkey - by JC Little

Reanimating Social Media, by JC Little

Picture-books exclusively for grownups are officially a thing. Written in “captain’s log” form, this new book is a three-month slice of the Ello social network's beta user-experience, with a dose of satire and humor thrown in. Also....monkeys.

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Fun Fact: This is exciting: the co-founders of Ello have given me permission to use their logo in the book.

Official description:
"Just when I thought The Internet was dead, a new and supposedly different kind of social media network popped up and caught my eye : Ello. I am an animator, so naturally, drawings of monkeys ensued."
In her first picture book exclusively for grownups, award-winning story artist JC Little explores the at times imperfect, but oh-so-inspiring world of Ello's beta early adopter community.
This is not a guide book: it is a humorous and slightly satirical collection of impressions and reflections on a collective shift away from the colossally impersonal social media giants, illustrated with playful drawings of monkeys.
Praise from awesome peoples:
"It is only fitting that the first "how to" book I've read on Ello presents itself in such a beautifully creative, but entirely unconventional way. If you are new to Ello, or (already) an Ello veteran, you absolutely MUST read this thoughtful guide. Careful though, you may die laughing - in a good way.”
– Thomas Hawk, photographer, Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection                                                                           

“JC Little’s ELLO MONKEY – part manual and part cheeky early adopter diary – is not only valuable for those new to Ello, but it has inspired this early adopter to reembrace the platform. It reminds me what I love most about social media: social connection.”
– Elan Morgan, designer & blogger at Schmutzie.com

"Ello opened up a world of possibilities in how we think about social media. Whether you are an Ello user or not, you will enjoy JC’s humorous enthusiasm for the online community."
– Neil Kramer, screenwriter & author of Citizen of the Month

"ELLO MONKEY impishly explains how a home away from home can be full of monkey business, ad-free popcorn, friendly fEllos, and meaningful conversations. JC Little is hilarious."
 – Susan Caney-Peterson, writer at Booksnips 

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