March 28, 2019

Lost in Space

We like to believe that we keep our dogs on a leash, but the reality is that it is we who are tethered to them.

Inkling left us yesterday; he was only three and a half, but nonetheless a robust 160 lb Newfoundland with a deep and mighty WOOF! He was with me every minute that he was awake and I gave him all the time, care and love a dog could want. In return, he kept me focused, slobbered all over me and let me stroke his beautiful fur.

Rest in peace, Inkling. I am adrift without you.


  1. So very sorry for the lost of Inkling

  2. I am deeply saddened by your loss ❤️🐶

  3. I am gutted. Praying snd abiding with you

  4. 0h my goodness. Waterworks!

    What an extraordinary gift you have to so beautifully transmute raw emotion into these wonderful images.

    HUGS ❤️