June 21, 2015

Another Blogiversary.

WARNING: Salty language.

Tumbleweeds are blowing through my blog.

Comments seem to have dwindled to nothing. And yet, there are comments; they're just not here anymore. They're lightly sprinkled across Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Ello. I sometimes wish I could scrape my social media platforms and bring the comments all back here to keep forever! Proof of your appreciation of my work all in one place!

Whoever invents such a magical plugin will be forever revered.

Is blogging dead? One can't really entertain such thoughts without circling back to why we blog. Why we make art. I fucking hate it when people say to me, "but, how do you make money doing a blog?" Fuck off asshole. I don't make money. I draw because I CAN'T HELP IT. Yeah, I'm poor. So what.

I always did fall through the cracks when it came to what kind of a blog this is. I mean, it's not like you could say "this here is a blog about fashion malfunctions" or "this blog is all about awkward recipes" or "the horrors of family life" or "dangerous political satire" or "yawn-worthy content marketing" or even about "preposterous sex positions"...I can't check just one box yawl.

Instead you get the eclectic mix that is me. And you get it in drawings and animation. But that lack of a niche means I have no dedicated audience. You guys are all over the map. And just as I discovered that I don't really fit in the animation world, after half a decade of blogging conferences, I now see that I don't really fit in the bloggers world either.

Fuck you tumbleweed.

But it matters not. Five years and thousands of (totally free) drawings later, The Animated Woman is still around, if somewhat sporadically of late. So Happy Blogiversary motherfuckers. I love you all.

Comments are here.

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