January 20, 2014

HOT LIST of Valentines Day GIFTS - It's time to prove your love.

Here's some groovy and totally original Valentines Day gifts that I made for you. Order them NOW and impress everyone by having your shit together before February 14th.

Prove your love; don't just say "I love you...."

Say, I love you more than chocolate, coffee, bacon...

Just to be on the safe side, I'd recommend giving this gift WITH some chocolate.

The tiny fist gets bigger if you haven't had your coffee.

If someone gives you this mug, you prolly shouldn't trust them.

...I love you more than tea, Twitter, wine (red or white...yeah even Chardonnay).

Don't tell the darjeeling.

This one's a best seller. 

Love triangle! This was obviously a threesome at some point.

It's almost unthinkable, but it's possible to love someone even more than BEER.

This is true love.

Just shoot me an email and lemeeno if you prefer a t-shirt.


Cuz You Rocketh.